How Kardak Came into being.

Well, I guess the first way to introduce you all to my conlang Kardak is to tell you the story of how it came into being. It all started roughly 17 years ago,in 1996 with a simple drawing assignment in my college drawing class in which I drew a spaceship like vehicle and adorned it with symbols meant to look like something other worldly.

shipThis sparked something in me. I had the bright idea to create a visual dictionary of symbols that I would use on a new series of art pieces I was working on and as a secondary purpose, it would help me to prevent creative infringement of my artwork. So, I began by taking a few pieces of line art that I had done, drawing various alphabets and scripts on tracing paper, and then overlapping them on a light table. I then began to move them around until I found combinations of lines and negative spaces that I like and then began  tracing them. This was the very first incarnation of Kardak’s Le’hado script (whisper script) which at the time was known as Arco-Seraphic. Over the past 17 years, the script has undergone many changes and manipulations until it became what you see today. It was until many years later that I actually began to make it a spoken language. Arco-Seraphic was, in it first life, more of an English cipher. Since then, It has grown to become far more than I ever expected it to become and it changes almost daily. It is a labor of love and my life’s joy to create it and to share it with you. Feel free to try to learn it if you wish and ask any questions you might have about it should you feel so inclined to do so. Thank you for your interest and I hope you like what you see. For you overly picky linguist types out there, keep in ind that I am not a linguist and care nothing for the academia of the whole thing. I am in this to create something beautiful, living, and forever changing.

©1996-present TMBaconArt/MB247Inc®


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