Kardak Art

Since I am in the process of building this site, things may appear bits at a time, but in the interest of trying to post regularly, here is a little sketch featuring one of my conworld flora and Kardak Le’hado script. If you want a print of this, I have 8 1/2 x 11s in my store at Storenvy Makes for an interesting conversation piece.

fauna1Here is another sample sketch for you viewing pleasure.


Enjoy, subscribe, and send all your friends. -Mike

©2014 TMbacon/MB247Press®


2 thoughts on “Kardak Art

  1. These are really beautiful, and so well executed! The script is lovely, and the first image especially reminds me of the (not nearly so well illustrated) Voynich Manuscript, as well as other codices, herbals, grimoires, etc. from the middle ages. It’ll be fascinating to see further work!

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