Doing a little Journal/letterstyle writing today.

journalhere is a romanized translation followed by an English translation, sorry, not time for an IPA translation at the moment.


dohanaj ejhaalon . choha haniisto ve …ja’hal havii najka uvulin . niikestre issag ero opossag…ja’hal haniin valynegoph uve ga’halath g’phkemuregoph…naphed..naphed haviied chavarth. Vii etolerried fir vekfajh otera,ii…Vii hanir massa. massa valyeth… ja’hal . etoleras,enii…ditvii doha arravothen ev odrindir… O . pojejhel . goa eyu, damare d’shevar haniin ak’chophere fir eyu,ale uve fir eyu,ssi evalya da vii,ssi ga’halath,ii uve dachii…ejhaalon . ditvii tiithen fir vii d’phraner…dohanaj . esh sethir,ii thalovn…evalyare eyu,ale…


hello family(non blood) how are you? Today is a beautiful day, neither hot nor cold. Today I am resting and making art. Yesterday…yesterday was extensive. I worked for 14 hours. I was extremely, extremely exhausted. Today, I’m not working. It’s very good to live and to breathe. Oh! Passing thought, to you, I need to say, I am grateful for you all and for your love of my art and language. Family, it’s time for me to go. Good day. Until we meet again. I love you all.



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