Kardak Alphabet…

Someone asked me how the kardak alphabet works today. kardak doesn’t have an alphabet in the sense that there are fixed letters with their own names and accompanying sounds. kardak uses a series of graphemes each with an associated sound or sound cluster. kardak is very simplified in that odd pronunciations and strange spellings that appear in English, cannot happen in kardak because each grapheme has a set pronunciation for a set place in the word structure. kardak has 4 sets of basic characters. it has vowel sounds, consonant sounds and two things I am very proud of, marathongs and powerthongs. A marathong is essentially a very long diphthong in which the first sound in the cluster is the long vowel sound immediately followed by the shortened secondary vowel sound (consult IPA chart for details) I call them marathongs because they are like a marathon, they are long in the beginning, but finish abruptly.  Marathongs can be split up into 2 separate vowel sound with the use of the ‘h’ semivowel, which is actually more of a aphthong than anything. Marathongs can begin a word, but never end it. A power thong is essentially a vowel cluster in which both sounds are long sounds. Both marathongs and powerthongs take the emphasis in a word. Powerthongs can both start and finish a word.

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