Familial Associations

Blood relation                                   doavesh

non-blood relation                             ejhaalon

Parent                                              kelotha

Mother                                             vocha

Father                                              phoga

child                                                 liide

son                                                  liijo

daughter                                          liija

Grandmother                                    adrivocha (old mother)

Great G. Mother                                adravocha (ancient Mother)

Grandfather                                      adriphoga (old father)

Great G.father                                   adraphoga

* to calculate generations beyond the adra, simply add 4th and beyond to the front of the title, ie: great great grandmother would be fajh + den (4 + sequence placement suffix) + vocha (mother) = fajh’den vocha (4th Mother) Same sequence suffix can be applied to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins.

Aunt                                                kelra

Uncle                                               ibrothen

brother                                            ibro’her

sister                                               amrath

cousin                                              liidithen

spouse                                             selivwa (beloved)

husband                                           evoselivwa (he-beloved)

wife                                                 sevaselivwa (she-beloved)


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