Kardak to English

UPDATED: 9/1/17  2:06am          Kardak àEnglish

I will update this Lexicon as time becomes available. Reference other character charts as some symbols on other charts are represented in regular letters here.


  •  TH (front/back like think)(middle  ð )
  • double vowel = only applies to ‘i’ and ‘a’
  • The superscript ‘h’ is primarily used as a semivowel when it is need to break apart a double vowel and it’s subsequent short vowel. It is unvoiced and proceeded by (‘). When it is found between a long vowel and a short vowel, the long vowel carries the emphasis. It is also a vowel extender, and spacer placed between 2 vowels of equal length. (ie: aa’ha & a’a), as well as between ‘e’ and any other vowel.
  • Ch (like Chart in beginning or middle) (sort of glottal hack [x] at end)
  • Double ‘s’ (ss) is pronounced z
  • u always = ju:
  • G (beginning is like a soft Korean g..or a g’/ k’ ejective)
  • to make a plural ..word+ ,ii

    Kardak doesn’t technically have verbs, but what it does have is a system of conjugation that allows any word to be turned into an action.

*to negate a verb, ar, er, ur, or, ir  forms will add (,enii ) to end of root or conjugated form*

*to negate a consonant ended conjugation, add (,anii) to the end of the root word or conjugated form*

* to negate a noun or an adjective, add (,edii)

*some words do not have verb form (such as some conceptual words like truth): to form verbs, simply conjugate based on word ending as shown above. If conceptual word end in a solo vowel use conjugate form for ir, er, or, ur, and ar verbs

*When adding the locative suffix ‘ iiev’ to a word ending in ‘r’, the ‘r’ becomes trilled, ‘rr’.

* to denote an action in progress, verb root + egoph will do (see extras chart for symbol for action in progress. For example She lives ‘seva arravothen,aa’ vs. She is living. ‘seva haniisto arravothen,egoph’
These conjugations do not work with the verb ‘To Be’ which is still irregular.
Below are listed the verb roots. I don’t particularly care  for ‘to’ being in front of the verb, but if a ‘to’ verb is needed, add ‘aa’ to the end of words ending in consonants and simplt trill the final ‘r’ on words that end in ‘r’.   Trill get dropped from the present and future tenses.

root endings ir,er,or,ur,& ar verbs  = ending+ riied (trill rr) = past tense
ending+ e= present tense (no trill)
ending+ as = future tense (no trill)

root endings w/solo consonant = consonant + ,ed =past tense
consonant + ,aa =present tense
consonant + ,ath =future tense

* to create an action word out of a word that ends in a vowel, add ‘r’ to the end and conjugate accordingly.

*semi-vowel (h) is only used between a long vowel and a short vowel (ii’ha), 2 identical short vowels (a’ha), and to break apart any vowel and ‘e’.



aaboi :  Above/over

aagossen : Knowledge

aalitn : Lightning

aathat : Last (in sequence)

aavn : Bold

abathias : Sacred

abo: down

abosh: deep

abron : Free spirit

ada:   A (optional article)

adeli : Food that grows underground

adera  : Cup

adii’hen : Gradient

adiindariith : Pretentious

adithgaviiga : Scammer/grifter

adojhvel  : Equal

adra : Ancient (living)

adramii’hon : Old friend (more than ½ life)

adran:   Ancient (inanimate)

adraphoga:  Great GF

adravocha : Great GM

adre : Old (inanimate)

Adrel: poor

adri  : Old (living)

adrimii’hon : Old friend (less than ½ life)

adriphoga : Grandfather

adrivocha: Grandmother

aduph : Type

adwanar : Steal

adwiina : Vine

adyapheth : Oven/stove/cooktop

agala: Stream

agamdal : Illusion

aganoa :  Fruit type

agatherat:  Table

agenphriith: Appearance of incoherent babbling

ago  : Dark

agonath : Darkness

agesh : With

agnaviish:  Spatula/large spoon for stirring

agyareth:  Slave

Agyu: fungus

a’hevor: Male gender

ajhel : Ash

ajhnoma : Island dweller

ajhkra: cruel

akchopher : Grateful

aktovast: Gratitude

aktho : Grave/gravesite

albriin : Paragraph/stanza

ale : All

aletiithen : Always

aleto  : White

aleviiga : Everyone

aliin: List

Alivian: possibility

aloa: Useful

alnaj : Everyday

alsatha : Everything

alweth : Blood/lifewater

amandwiith: Kiln

amas : Mind

amrath: Sister

andithen : Tomorrow

andjuvriil: outrageous/monumental

andrain : Equally sacred & simultaneously unimportant

anian : Idea

Andwenath: kingdom

Anen: land

Aneniith: country

Aneth: province

ansatha: Anything

ansilatn : Immortal

anssist : Defeat

anu: nest

anviiga :  Anyone

aphtemur : Have (possession of)

arath  : All around

arathant: Vein

arathir: burial bonfire

aravoniith: Lifeless

aravot : Life

aravothen: Live

aronsikazyach:  State of transition, tempering, or perfecting

arstiithir: eternal fire

asevar : Female gender

ashka’han: Texture

ashkaren:  Pride

ashrel: East

ashrin:  Eye

ashtorek: Status/state of being

assaan: Harvest

assaindra: Information

assantias : Impressive

assdiathosh : Celebration (holiday)

ater:  Pierce/puncture

atha:  Update

athel : Page/writing skin

athgaleth:  Fear

ava (sound of a fast heartbeat): Second(measure of time)

avamanth : Sky/canopy

averith  : Each and every

awe : Hollow


baalo :  Below/under

baakarrush  : Because/as

baaljesh  : Tension

Baassi: berry, (n.)

badam :  Beating fist on chest (sound/used only in writing)

badojh  : Action

bagol :   Lake

Bagwar: Abuse

ba’he  : Bad/disagreeable

Bajhrom: Anxious shaking of the hands

barra  : Lie/falsehood

barrojhga:  Thunderstorm

barroviath  : Pub/public house

barrum  : Thunder

baush : Consume

belech : Unattractive/ugly

benangwanesh :  Could be better

bendroash :  Store/mercantile/tradepost

beviil : At this point/to this point

biinesh:   Sentence

biithiid :  Reap

bissi’hel :  Plate

bolthen : Purify

braatatesh  : Lack of inspiration

bragosh:   Adversary/enemy

bra’hanath: rain

brajhyir :  Heed/take into account

bratheg  : Baked good

braur :  Sit/be seated

brephan :  Lean (tilt one’s body)

brigeth  : Criminal/prisoner

britha  : Sound

Briton : Keeper of Days

briyuma:   Sane

briyumanath :  Sanity

briumas : Sound mind

brojhen : Bind together

brotanyar :  Hunt (food)

bwiilaa : Word:


chado :  Not enough

Chagwiith:   Charity

chalya :  could have

chaniinirem:   Could have been

chaniith : Could be

chavareth  : Extensive

choa  : How

chojen:   Sleepless

chophan  : Intruder/interloper

choresh  : Structural support/pillar/column

chugessa  : Gazel like animal

churran  : Home

churravesh :  Family dwelling


da : of/ pertaining to

dach : Tongue

dachii : Language/ tongues

dagraadath : Interest in/attention to

dagwiina : Tranquil

dagwiishtath (see: feeling + tranquil)  : Joy

dajh : Blue

Dajhnin:  World

Dalgo:  Shadow

damar : Need/have necessity of

damna : Lung

Dane: Made of/made from

Darash: must

dare  : But (conditional)

dathwel: easy

dekrather : Descend/move down

deleth: Tool/implement

Dephraner:  Move/come/go

dephtemur : Have (use of)

Der: Red

deshevar:  Speak

destrojhen : Destroy

dethinas :  City/city of

dethlojhn : Use

dethoran :  Compass

dii’havath:  Lament

dii’heve:  Anywhere

dii’huren : Door

diistagratha: Trust/confidence

dindir : Let/allow

ditvii :  It’s (contraction)

djo : By

doa  : Good/agreeable

doavesh : Family/blood related

dojhgwiin  : Food storage

dona : Sorrow

dona’her : Grieve

dorrgath : Skin/covering

doun : Face/façade

drajhek  : Simple/uncomplicated

Draviithaan:   Dragon(land)

dravyek : Bridge

dre  : Few (attached to plural)(,dre)

Drojhek:   End

drusar : End/finish

druskath : Closed/clouded

drur : Close

durra : True/truth

Dwadir: pass

dwanyoma : Dwarf

dwathar : Negotiate

dwatharat :  Cabinet/cupboard

dwere: label


Ebaph:  Beef/local or regional meat

ebra : Performer of action (prefix)

Eda:  At the same time

Edajh:  Beginning

edar : Open

Edare:  If (conditional)

Edayan:  Open/unclouded

edayir : Start/begin

edwalir : Resist

Edwandeshval:  Narrow passage

egajek : Age (time/2500 years/1,755,000 days)

egama:  Weak

egat :  That (optional article)

ege : The (optional article)

egesse:  These (optional article)

egis  : This (optional article)

egliina’hash:  Workshop

egose:  Those (optional article)

egwan:  Throat

egwanath:  Voice

e’haviiga :  Person

e’hene: Open space/hollow of

e’hor : Feel

e’hovam: awkward

e’huvat : Caution

Ejhaalon:  Family/non-blood related

Ejhkalan:  Astrolabe (navigation device)

ejhondath:  Unsurity

ejhpal  : Piece/piece of/fragment

ejhsaven: care/charge/protection

Ejhvelen: grow

Ektho: Foot

elanta : After that

elantii’har : Intimidate

eler : Work/labor (mental)

elesan:  Vagabond

Elethar:  Ascend/move up

elithoas : Letter/correspondence

elnosh:  Vegetable

elo : Educational Lesson

elophgwan: strange/unfamiliar

elojhviar : Have weight/impact

elovariin : No matter what

emaler : Confound/confuse

emaris:  Public/social

embassel: ice

Embrot:  Circle

emithess:  Tradable commodity

emulan : Travel/traverse

enbir : Cheat/swindle

enesh : Both

enet : No

engas: plant bulb

Engorrsh:  English/foreign tongue

Enokthesh:  Highbar/standard/overachiever

Enssishvel:  Gryphon like creature

enthwair : Learn (acquire knowledge)

entraadiin : Structural support/framework

entrandiith : Victory

epharthas : Liberty(given by God)

ephiisn : Sword

ephoraa : Secondary

epo : Separate (not together)

Eprii’heveth : There (abstract/there somewhere)

Erasel: before/ in front of

Eraathen: root (plant)above ground

Eriiph:  Stain(manmade)/tattoo

eriissa : Stain (damage)/scar(external)

eriithia : Empty

ero  : Nor

Erraada  : Accurate

errii’hen : Consumed by

Eriin:  Stain (bornwith)/birthmark

eryatn : Depart from/erre/distance from

esh:  Until

eskega:  Week( period of 9 days)

esova: whether or not

esselesh: Distance

essemi:  Worth dying/fighting for

Essiiden:  Bleed

Essiithen: Cook

esswan:  Sway

estroya : Year(period of 13 months/702 days

et : On

Eteleph:  Direction

Etherassa:  Familiar

ethos: Honor (publically)

ethoros: Honor (privately)

Etoler:  Born

Etoran: Add (color)

Etran: inherit

etskamalesh : Lantern/fireharness

Ethwigo: blanket

evagrav:  Tree(type)

evakar  : Care for/look after

evalya : Love (abstract concept)

evalyar : Love (action)

evassil : Peace

eyo! : Hey!

eyu / eyu,ssi (ssi-marks possessor): You / your



phaal  : Long and thin

phajhdo : Teapot

phajhtalov:  Obsession

phaler:  Strike

phalovn: test

phalraan:   Full

phamvoral: commonplace/rule of law

phasdir:  Forge/make

phask : Ring of objects

phe’horal : Network/connected system

pherem : Season

phiin : Air

phiindrain:  Transcendant

phiitleth : Air/destructive force

phiitn:   Air/wind

phir : For

phirona: ironic

phoga:  Father

phosta : Nut

phostranyanmiijh:   Hiding place/space beneath a home

phressaph: apathy

phugan:  Bio-luminous dragonly like creature

phunas:  Oppression


Gaalgwiin: patient (in a hospital)

Gaalgwiith: patient/patience

gabwiithed:  Priority

gadith:  Profane/cursed

ga’halath : Art/created thing of beauty

ga’hanssath: sour taste

ga’helpha:  Elf

ganshti’hath: Ground

gaphan :  Description

gaphyan:  Again

gara:  Without

Garothesh: artifact

gath : Big

gathgala:  River

gathkovel : Mountain

gapo:  Small

gati:  Reflector

gathiandyir: garden/plant crop

gathiaras: plant

gavastya:  Long and drawn out

gavir : Except for/with exception of

gelvii’heg : Faith

gephkalin:  Die/be killed

Gephkemur:  Create/build/construct

glayujhten:  Prosper

goa  : To

goga (evagrav seed):  Stimulant bean/coffee bean

gophel:  South

gorrvesh : Society/brotherhood

gossen: Know

govam : Like/likened unto

graadn : Grey down(color) to add ones compliment

graun  : Bow/kneel

griga : Degree (temp or measure)

grium : Artisan/craftsman

gwaan : Mouth

gwaathon: weapon

gwiinir:  Sing


Haniin:  Am (I am)

haniinem:  Will be

haniiste : Is (he,she)

haniisto : Are( you, they, we)

havii  : Is/are

havii’hanar:   Be/exist

hem:  In

hemdal :  Inside

hevo / hevo,ssi (ssi –marks possessor):  He / him / his

hevolial: king

hevor : Boy/young male

hevoro : Man/older male

hevoselivwa :  Husband


ibro’her:    Brother

ichan /chala : Could

idas : Root of/rooted in

idega : Storm

idrajhni:  Real

idrona:  North

Idros: kindness (in action)

idvn:  Head

Idyesh: resolution

igaaljh:  Star

igrajhenvass:  Flock of birds

iiden : Keyhole

IIdrosh: kindness (in speech)

IIdver: remain

iidverith:   Idle/stagnet

iidwath : From this time on

,iiev:  Locative suffix

iigal : Warrior

Ii’hasan : Throne/kingly chair

II’haveth: downtrodden

iishtatha:  Feeling

iistagar:  Trust in

iitophiin:  Catalyst

iivaal : Later

iivist : Strong

igaaljh:  Star

igrat:  Generator

igwel:  Return

igwii: Content/at peace with

igwiithen:  Help/assist

ijhbar:  Turn

ijhethin: keep (maintain)

ijhirem:  Siren

ijol : Violet

ikraathar:  Ask/inquire

iliilan: queen

imal:  Outside

imalen: foreigner

Imaliidn: outsider

Imo: up

Imogwar: accumulate

imovano : It’s better than the alternative

improgeth:  Hollow tube

inat:  Brown

inev  : Date (calendar)

inkurreth:  Poem/artistic writing

inu : Unit of measure

inugath : Axe

iphajhist : Dead calm/absolute eerie silence

Irav: Arrive

Irii: only

ishan /shala: Should

issag:  Hot

ithast : Reason/justification

ithelistaa : High rising peak

itho:   Ingredient

ivan /wala:  Would

ivarrii’hath:  Wellbeing/fitness

iyalad:  Pale/lacking color

iyari’han:  Feast

iyuvo  : Honest

isselech: weather


jarroch : Peasant or commoner

jephereman : Harm/danger

joathen : Question/query


Jhadegwar: betray an idea

jhadoran:  Restless or uneasy

jhaphiistn : Fellowship/break bread

jhesser:  Stand up

Jhundash:  Chance/coin toss


kada : May

kadare : Maybe

kajhanot : Passion

kajhol :  Heart

kajholeth (eth -coming from the sound of a pumping heart) : Heartbeat

kajhur : Do

kalin : Death

kaluvith:  Casket/burial box

kardak:   Flame tongue

karil : Right (direction)

karran : Evil

karthir:  Flickering flame

kassesh:  Savage

kastal : Book

kastheras: Planet name (my conworld)

kastir : Rock/stone

kastire : Unbreakable

kathavar:  Multiply

kavresh : Hope

kel  : Often

keles: leash

kelotha: Parent

kelphath:  High wall

kelra  : Aunt

keltesh:  Currency

kelven : Mix (color)

kelwejh: mixed use

kemandayi : Breakfast

keman:  Food

kemedan:  Lunch

kemur:  Eat

kestrel : Either

keve : Yes /affirmative

kii’heve : Everywhere

kiilar: raise/rear

kiiron (male name):  Open space in the dark clouds

kiithan:  Bewitch/mesmerize

kliigash: noble

Kloveth:  Advice/council

Kocher:  Hear

koksseph : Beaverlike animal

koltha’han: In short supply

kor : Stop

kossek : Repository

kovant : Ring/jewelry

krangath:  Salt/seasoning

Krethas: moveable/mobile

krii’hath:  Critically important

kriithkavyir: Underoath

kro’henssa:  Migraine or head tremor


,laa’hi : Many( attached to plural)

laayuma:  Insane

latanajh:  Journey

lathuvith : Box

le’hado : Whisper/breeze(name of kardak script)

Le’humas : Unstable mind

lenja’he:  Temperate

lenjan  : Temperature

lera : Minute (measure of time)

letan:  Travel (short distance)

lethii’heles: forge/furnace

leviithaan : Dragon(sea)

Liidithen:  Cousin

Liiphere’ha: conscience

Lii’hegwa: perspective

Liija:  Daughter

liiliph:   Flower

livn : Make loose

lokwath: (type) : Healing herb

12 types of lokwath:

sagun: root                                                      akran: fungus                                       ivo:moss

strsyuf: flower                                                griides: weed/clover                           baa’hol: soft side tree bark

atyan: tree gaul                                             asasso: algae                                         uneri: vine

iliria:flower                                                     ephkthiin: root                                     odari’hiith: berry

lothar:  Judge or make a determination

Lovek: cloverlike leaf cluster.


maa’haksar:   Overwhelmed with emotion

maa’has:  Heroic/ of noble character

magesh: treegaul

magyarosh:  When ill fate has run its course

majh : Magnetic

malujha: bond

marrakor:  Teach/give knowledge

marrat:  Give

masor: correct

masoren: discipline

Massa:  An extreme amount

massanti : Outstanding!

massnalen:   Flood

maurrish : Out in the open

medan:  Middle

medara:  Gray

merovayen:  Month (period of 54 days)

messliph: merit

mithbilajh:  Miracle

mojhtoroth:  Gift

mole’han: snow

Morish:  Body

morro:  Luminous/luminescent

morrogat:  Moon

mossar: freeze

Mosseth: kudzu like moss

mothran : Clean


naaniis : Timid or hesitant

Naavia:  Age/ one’s years

nadii’hel : Tyrant

nagssan:   Learn (deep Research)

nagwanya: special treated wood flask

nagwiilik: torture (mental)

najdrojhek  : Dusk/sundown

najedajh : Dawn

najet : Night(1 lunar cycle)

najka:  Day(1 solar cycle)

najmedan:  Mid-day

Naktovant:  Berry (type)

naleth :Water

nalii’hath:  Wave (water)

naphan:  Conquer/dominate/subjugate

napheth:  Yesterday

nasse:  Receiver of action(prefix)

nasyir: Exhaust

nathkalin:  Kill/directly cause death

nathkonar :  Die/have one’s fire extinguished

nathjephar:  Cause harm

Nebires: steadfast

Negwelek: torture (physical)

Neman:  Beverage

nenar:  Discard

nejhgar : Covet

nendiirith:   Conscious need to make changes for the better

nephur:  Oppress/hold down/enslave

Nessii: not

nession:  Naked/unclothed

nethaa:  What

nether : Cause directly

nethere : Where

nethii : Who

netho : when

nethu: Why

neyur: seal/make one

nii:  Not

niidwin  : Stand for/represent

niigret : One and only

nii’hev  : Somewhere (absolute)

niikestre:  Neither

Niilas: algae from an acidic lake

Niist: void/ empty space

nijhdalo:  Dignity

niso  : Left

nissdeth:  Newly acquired

nobe’ha  : Unexperienced person/newby

nomii’hon:  Friend

nomur:  Drink

noviin: difficult

nuin : Dirt/ground


obenthriigesh : Well planned and executed deception

ode : Almost/not quite

odeph : Palmagranet like fruit (702 seeds)

odesh: Memorial

odrinde : Breath

odrindir: Breathe

ophoriid: guiding rod

ogn (type):  Fruit

ogo (relative to time or location): Of/from

ogravwin: sullen

ogresh : Primary/cardinal

o’hentath: Characteristic

ojhamer : Write or mark a page

ojhar : Seek/look for

okovel: Cliff

ole’han: large onion w/ dark peel

ome : Between

ome’has : Coward

onass:  Muse

opantiier: Laugh

opiin:  Touch

opiinir: betray family

opiithen : Short period of time

opoa: Opposite

opossag : Cold

ora : Letter(spelling)

orek : Hand

oren: law

orphudn: reward

orphuniish: praise/good words

oshtan : Stand in victory

otera : Hour (measure of time)

ovas: Orange

ovathtn : Hate

oviriith: betray beloved

oyar : Want/yurn for


pagwanyariish : Ceremonial burial spot

pajhat:  Power

pajhmot:  Plan/blueprint

Palgwen: soft underside of tree bark

panoan: Seed/bean

passosh : Grain/seed

pavash:  Branch (tree)

pedantophiin:  Catastrophic event

pejha : Bitch (animal)

pejhdran:  Trade/barter

Pejhren: shattered

pelojhnath: Smooth surface(often refers to one’s head)

piiloar: betray a person

Pijharen: broken (object)

Pissiin: spicy taste

Pliigorthyir: pain

poja : Bitch (person)

pojel : Passing thought

potajh:  Just enough

praget:  Only (object)

priiev:  There (absolute/ right there)



Rajphal:  Assault

rakajhol : Soul/spirit

raphvn:  Knock/wrap

rassal:  Key

Rastithir:  Connect/join

Rathu: libation/liquor

ravgn:  Inept

ravphel:  Religion/ceremonial worship

resta’hel :    Bread/baked wheat loaf

riiev:  Here ( absolute/right here)

riijek : Bush/hedge

riithoviid:  Over run

ro : Or/substitute for

ro’hel (name of a city) :  In a hole

ruja : Too  many


Sabaleth: distress

Sabin: ignite

Sagsenvosh: cotton

Sajhan:  Find (place)

sajhen:  Rough/choppy

Samaali’hen:  Master builder

Samka’he: solidarity

sashenviisteth : Violent overthrow of power

sashenvir : Revolt

saviisath:  Soul wrenching mourning

selivwa : Spouse/mate/beloved

selvliist:  Milk

sem:  Some

semnaj:  Someday

semnii’heveth:  Somewhere (abstract)

semsatha:  Something

semtiithen:  Sometimes

semviiga : Someone

sendiath:  Honored

seriish:  Rage

Seriisteth:  Anger

Sethin: Burn

sethir:  Raging fire

sethirethiid : Stupid/no spark between the ears

Sethirrii’hen:  Person consumed by raging fire

seva/seva,ssi (ssi-marks possessor):  She/her/hers

sevar: Girl/young female

sevara :  Woman/older female

sevaselivwa:  Wife

sevwar: guide

shaadesh: ruin

shaud:  Lost

siikar : Remember/recall

siiphaajh:  Only (person)

Siiraa: mystery

Siirel: Burning Ember

Sikajhen: change

Sikassyach:  Chrysalis

Skamssa: candle

skapathon:  Habitually absent

skavolath: broken (spirit)

skravath: adequate

Slejhtengrath:  Bonfire(ceremonial)

Spadosh:  Cooking pot

sphiither:  Rendezvous

spliither: till field

stagwa : Food that hangs from a tree or bush

stagyiph:  Scar(internal)

stedig  : Pocket

Stiiglomen:  Despair

stiithoren : Nostalgia

stoinar- Able

stoinath-ability/special gift

sujhan: sacrifice

suph:  So

suphvii:  So is/so are


SS: (z)

ssabil : Animal type

ssabrothe’ha: training stable

ssaphare: try hard but always fall short

ssaphrel: animal

ssagra:  Heat/warmth

ssagrat : Sun

ssandra:  Set a watch

ssandwal : Seahorse

ssatishpha’heth:  Ceremonial writing

ssaram : Heat/cause warmth

ssashkor:  Read

ssegren : Animal type

ssekur:  See

Ssendiigwel:  Traffic

ssenssa:  Sow

ssenut:  Buffalo type animal

ssethiiln:   Brick oven

ssevarsa:  Separate (action)

ssi: To show possession

ssigyan:  Memory

ssii’hesht: lifeforce/energy

ssin : Game/contest

ssojha:  Limit

ssveleg:  Bastard/fatherless



tajhmer : Like/drawn to

Tangwanir: brew

tarosh:  Ocean/sea

tass : Animal type

tastothiist:  Quest

tayandosh:  Disposition

techseleph:  Sign/signal

tejheles:  Secret

tejheli : Hidden from view

telphair :  Ale( fermented beverage)

teriiprieph : Here and there

Tharo: root/plant/below ground

tiinash : Piece of/sample

tiithen : Time

tiithenssith:  Long period of time

tijhora:  Tree

tobriishna:  Disrespectful young person

tograsthiin : Full of opportunity & promise

tondwath:  Slightest

toran:  Doom

toratha:  Color/pigment

trabyalar:  Welcome

tragar : Work/labor (physical)

tragora:  Workplace

trasser:  Keep


Thagash:  Answer

thalovn : Entertwined/woven together

thando : Incomplete or unfinished

Thastwa: Still (for brewing)

the’han : Anxiety

thengara : Mechanism/contraption

thera/thera,ssi (ssi-marks possessor): They/them/theirs

thera,ale: They(all)

thera,ma: They (2-3 specific)

thera,sem:   They(some)

theriign:  Lock

thoralya : Convergence/intersection

thorank : Chest

thriyuvo:  Faithful


ubot : Battle/skirmish

Udares: appearance

urandia:  Archway

urrgesh:  Dishonor

ursii:  Behind/after

urvan  : Tinkerer

ut : Yet

uve:  And /in addition to

uvulin:  Beautiful/attractive



Vajh: as well

Vajhthir: repeat

valek:  Wolf like animal

valis: bed for animal

valo : Yellow

valyeth:  Tired/fatigued

valyn:  Rest

,van : Self

vaniinirem:  Would have been

vaniith : Would be

vano:  Now

vashontak:  Widely known

vassera:  Wellwish/good tiding

vastra:  Ring/stain

vephorat: bed for person

veljhar : Dwell/lay/lie

velijhvian: birth-rite

venon: None

venoniiev:  Nowhere

Venor:  Black

Venosh: empty

vensatha:  Nothing

ventiithen:  Never

venviiga : No one/nobody

vephal: Sleep

veshor : Separate (action)

veshvar:  Understand/comprehend

vesso:  West

Vianthas:   Cistern

Vigrassen:  Bird

vii’hasa:  King/monarch

Viish: vine

viliithen:  Find (object)

vilmiiran: shock/ailment

-natural: omath

-chemical: omarek

Vinthen: hate

vocha:  Mother

volan : Compound

voma : Other

voraa:  Secondary(color)

voresh:  Primary (color)

voriin:  Tertiary(color)

vorro:  New

vovam: climb

vramath : Hoarder


walya : Would have

wera,ale : We/us(all)

wera,ma:  We/us (2-3 specific)

wera,sem : We/us (some)

wera/wera,ssi (ssi-marks possessor):  We/us/ours


Yendireth: of the utmost importance

Yondash:  Certainty

Yoshtaphar:  Dream


shalya:  Should have

shaniinirem:  Should have been

shaniith:  Should be

she’ha:  Together

sheviir : Wage war

Shijho:  Majical/mystical

shkessa : Public square or meeting place