Goa E’haviiga,ii da France (to the people of France)

To the people of #nice #France : ‘ja’hal. havii,enii agyareth goa dona,ii da dajhnin . dare. elethar aaboi hem semka’he ev oshtan agesh wera,ssi ibro’her ev amrath,ii . erriien hem sethir bostyan da evalya. fir andithen havii najka vorro…Wera dona’her agesh eyu… she’ha iidveras nebires hem idyesh…’ English translation: ‘today, be not a slave to the sorrows of this world, but ascend above in solidarity and stand in victory with our brothers and sisters, consumed in the unquenchable Fire of love, for tomorrow is a new day. We grieve with you. Together we will remain steadfast in our resolve. ‘


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Just saying…

I have been working on a few sayings in Kardak that would be used in a similar manner to the ones we use today, i.e.: a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, etc and are just as open to interpretation. Here is one just so. The translation will be given after the picture.   

 A couple of these word are new and not yet included into the current lexicon. The scroll, in romanization, translates ‘ haniisto,enii kiithaned djo avamanth baakarrush ganshti’hath dephtemur orek,ii,lae…’ Which in English means ‘ don’t be bewitched/entranced by the sky/canopy because the ground has many hands. I do have a specific meaning  for this, but for you, take it however you need to interpret it. Back later with more. 

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Shedding light on kardak

It has been hard for me to share kardak with world as I have lately. It has been such a large part of my life for the past 19 years, first as an English Cypher and later as a full fledged conlang. My hope is that one day maybe someone will try to learn kardak and correspond with me in it, but that is just a dream. Recently I was asked to be part of a rather ambitious documentary about constructed languages. I sat down with Britton Watkins and Josh Feldman, creators and directors of the movie Senn and co-producers of the documentary to talk about my endeavors in both conlang and artifact creation. For me, this was difficult. I am usually a very private person and am plagued with an extreme degree of stage fright and performance anxiety. This is such a great project that I forced myself to put aside my personal fears of mass exposure  and just be a part of it. It is rare that I am asked to be a part of anything that lends validation to any of my works, so it was an honor. If you would like to see more about this documentary, you can do so by clicking here. It will be a while before this film is completed, but I have faith in those creating it and trust that all works and conlangers involved will be represented in a positive light.

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New projects

I have been working not only expanding Kardak, but also expanding my conworld as well. It generally helps me to do that when I am creating artifacts and maps.  

   I also have a couple of secret projects in the works that I will post about later. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about Kardak or my conpeople/conworld. ‘Esh sethir,ii thalovn…’ -Mike

New Material

Just in case you haven’t noticed or been by lately, I have uploaded the updated, current, and alphabetized lexicon for you. Version 3.0 may be here sooner than I thought. More words coming at an exponential rate. If you are on twitter, follow my @dachiikardak account. I will be posting little 20 second kardak lessons there very soon. Stay tuned. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. -Mike