Progress is slow.

As of late, kardak’s progress is slow, in part due to my fight with whatever mental issues are plaguing me at the moment making concentration very difficult. So, to give you a little snapshot of what is going on at the moment, kardak is still engaged in the twitter challenge deemed #Lextreme2018, which is going fairly well. I have also begun to completely re-do/revamp kardak’s entire grammar system. This is taking a great deal of time due the a fore mentioned circumstances. I have been studying the grammar systems of a couple other languages in the hope that something will sprout in my brain. I’m not sure how I feel about what I have so far, but it is a step in the right direction. I barely recognize it right now. I’m hoping the changes will make it easier to learn not only for myself, but for anyone who might want to give it a go.

Recently, a friend and fellow conlanger, Trent Pehrson, proposed that we create a makeshift passport and send them around the world to other conlangers to get stamped. You can see my entry and stamp if you simply peruse my Instagram page here…  This has been a fun project thus far. One of my fellow conlangers said I was going to end up like Tolkien. I guess I should take that as a compliment seeing as I always thought I would end up like Van Gogh…

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moving right along.

Now, since we have just come off of a highly successful #Lexember , me and a few others in the #conlang community have decided to keep the word a day trend rolling throughout 2018. We are using the hashtag #Lextreme2018 . If you want to keep up with mine kardak vocabulary, follow that hashtag in addition to the hashtag #kardak  I will only be posting lextreme2018 posts on my @dachiikardak Twitter , but not on Instagram. Keep up if you can!

In a bit of a rut…

kardak seems to be stalling a bit. All it wants to give me at the moment is more vocabulary, of which I still have not updated the lexicon with the last 100 or so terms created during the last rut. I have been spending a small amount of time googling linguistic terms that my pea brain can’t seem to grasp. I’m the first to admit that I don’t particularly care how certain structures work, save a small bit of general curiosity. OH, OH!!!! I almost forgot….The Conlanging Film is finally out!!! You can either rent it or buy your own copy here! I have watched it probably 15 times already. It is worth every penny. I am thrilled to have been a part of it and featured in it.

One thing I have been toying with now and again is music…I want to find someone or a few someones that can sing kardak lyrics int he style of monkchants, since I don’t believe kardak can really be sung any other way. My problem is that I get so many ideas that my anxiety kicks in and I start shaking any time I start any projects.  anywho…. I’ll check back in soon. -Esh sethir,ii thalovn…

Clusivity in kardak

One of the many features of kardak that I am quite fond of is its clusivity, a special distinction between inclusive and exclusive that allows for first person pronouns to be a little bit more direct. For instance, when you use the pronoun ‘you’, who you is, is at best, implied. In kardak, there are 3 distinctions that make this more specific. This also works for they/we/us as well as for they/them.


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Kardak Gifts…


I made this recently, for a friend’s birthday. This is a translation of a quote by poet Jack Kerouac ” Because in the end, you wont remember the time spent working in the office or mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain. ” – The kardak transcription reads———– ” baakarush hem drojhek eyu siikaras,enii tiithen hem egliina’hash tragaregoph ro spliither ganshtiath… vovan gathgala gadith” ———-literal translation, with needed altercations would read —–‘ because in (the) end you remember(not) time in workspace working or till ground…climb (the) mountain cursed…’

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