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I made this recently, for a friend’s birthday. This is a translation of a quote by poet Jack Kerouac ” Because in the end, you wont remember the time spent working in the office or mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain. ” – The kardak transcription reads———– ” baakarush hem drojhek eyu siikaras,enii tiithen hem egliina’hash tragaregoph ro spliither ganshtiath… vovan gathgala gadith” ———-literal translation, with needed altercations would read —–‘ because in (the) end you remember(not) time in workspace working or till ground…climb (the) mountain cursed…’

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Welcome to a brand new year!


Below is the audio for the writing above:

English Translation: hello my friends, today is the celebration of the last day in the year. For you, this is my hope for the future. May you stand in victory. May you set a watch upon the high wall to welcome tomorrow. May the blood in your veins, forever burn unquenchable. May gratitude bind and consume each and every passing thought and may you grieve not the death of yesterday. Good night. Until we meet again.

Romanized Kardak: Doanaj Vii,ssi nomiion,ii . ja’hal havii assdi’hathosh da najka aathat hem estroya…Fir Eyu . egis havii Vii,ssi thalejh… Kada eyu jhesser hem entrandiith … kada Eyu ssandra et kelphath trabyalarr andith …kada alweth hem eyu,sii arathant,ii . fir aletiithen sethin bostyan…kada aktovast brojen ev bayush pojel averith uve kada dona’her, enii kalin da napheth…



New works are coming.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a few different projects pertaining to kardak. I started working on creating my own style of illuminated manuscripts for an upcoming project that I will share with you in a moment. From time to time, I need to step away from working on endless grammar models and building lexicons and just work on artwork. I went through a box of supplies and dug out a few stray prismacolor pencils and started playing around with some sample pieces like this one.


I have always wanted to do a series of illuminated manuscripts, but never really had the time to start. Hopefully I will find the funds to buy some prismas soon before my drive dies again. Now, back to the reason for the illuminated manuscripts. A few weeks back, a fellow artist and very gifted conlanger contacted me and offered to put together a handmade sketchbook simply because he likes my work and my language. Now, we’re not talking a cheaply made item here. We are talking about a sketchbook made with custom hand antiqued papers, 12 hand sewed signatures, bound in a handmade leather jacket emblazoned with my own personal trade guild logo, and inscribed inside the front pages with an inscription of my choosing, of which I have chosen this one:


This is a gift, of the likes, I have never received before which adds a little extra pressure to make a piece that is truly epic, one that will be marveled over when they find it five or six hundred years down the road. The book measures out at 1 inch thick and an impressive 14×14. The only art that I feel would be fitting for such a grand book is a vast assortment of illuminated manuscripts. I may very well spend my remaining days making it what it needs to be. Maybe one day, I will be able to return the favor and repay this grand gesture. Until then, I will simply say ‘vasti,ii lae’ or many thanks. -Mike

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rebuild, tear down, and repeat!

For the longest time, I had a very basic system of verbs, adjective, adverbs, and nouns to go along with a pretty basic sentence structure. Over the pat year or so, I have torn it apart, rebuilt it, torn it down, and repeated. Even up until earlier today, I was toying with the notion to revamp all the systems again, making them easier to start from, build upon, and evolve. I had a sort of Eureka moment after having a brief exchange with one of my conlanger friends. I decided to slightly alter one mode of my verb conjugations (I will go into more detail later) to where it sounds a little better, but the rest I will allow to evolve as my understanding and inspiration  grows. I figure that every single feature that might bug  me about my conlang should probably stay in it as it better represents 12k years of cross cultural integration in my conworld and that every little thing the pisses people off about how languages work should also stay for the sake of a more accurate representation of naturalistic linguistic evolution. I came to the conclusion that in order to explain away all of the weirdness and idiosyncrasies of kardak, I will have to simply create 3 or four more cultures and conlangs. Should only take the rest of my life, but it will make for one hell of a story.  I’m hoping to have another syntax breakdown chart made sometime in the next week or so that might better illustrate what I am taking about, assuming I’m not making any sense here.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have, but please remember I am not a linguist so don’t use too many ‘big’ words, lol! Well, With all the conlang art I am cranking out and my lat name being Bacon, I should be famous for this in, lets say another 300 years…I can be up there with Sir Francis and Roger!   -Mike


Let’s talk process

When I went to start turning my meager little script into a spoken language, I had to first determine what it is that i wanted kardak to sound like. In my conworld, fire plays an especially significant role in the everyday lives and culture of those who speak it so I wanted to pay homage to that in a few subtle ways. First, Kardak is a compound word meaning flame tongue, made up of the two words karthir (flickering flame) and dach (tongue). Second, the script is called le’hado or whisper since the basic philosophy was originally to make it sound like it was created from the various sounds and whispers that accompany a burned fire. This may sound simple to some, but there is also one little extra aspect to this. My family lineage is Norse. My ancestor Grimbaldus was company to Eric the red, so I did want to give kardak a hint of north Germanic old Norse in tribute to that association, but only in small hints. What I ended up with was something that sounded like a hybrid of old Norse and parseltongue. It seems to have taken on a life of its own and continues to evolve almost daily. Now, in practice, Kardak can at time seem a little longwinded, but is only because it lacks some of the simple colloquialisms of the English language. First and foremost, I am not a linguist and have no linguistic training whatsoever, but I have learned a few things from some of the most brilliant language creators and experimental linguists anywhere in our conlangs group on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/conlangs/ ) I am an artist that is in love with his creation. Kardak is not only my baby, but it is a completely a priori conlang, meaning it doesn’t have its roots in any natural language in either vocabulary or structure. I am very well pleased with the direction that the language is going and one day hope to teach others. As a side note, I was also considering posting the kardak lexicon here as well as the accociated IPA charts. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. I’d be glad to even translate people’s names into kardak’s le’hado script if that’s what you want. Thank you for your support.. -Mike

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Doing a little Journal/letterstyle writing today.

journalhere is a romanized translation followed by an English translation, sorry, not time for an IPA translation at the moment.


dohanaj ejhaalon . choha haniisto ve …ja’hal havii najka uvulin . niikestre issag ero opossag…ja’hal haniin valynegoph uve ga’halath g’phkemuregoph…naphed..naphed haviied chavarth. Vii etolerried fir vekfajh otera,ii…Vii hanir massa. massa valyeth… ja’hal . etoleras,enii…ditvii doha arravothen ev odrindir… O . pojejhel . goa eyu, damare d’shevar haniin ak’chophere fir eyu,ale uve fir eyu,ssi evalya da vii,ssi ga’halath,ii uve dachii…ejhaalon . ditvii tiithen fir vii d’phraner…dohanaj . esh sethir,ii thalovn…evalyare eyu,ale…


hello family(non blood) how are you? Today is a beautiful day, neither hot nor cold. Today I am resting and making art. Yesterday…yesterday was extensive. I worked for 14 hours. I was extremely, extremely exhausted. Today, I’m not working. It’s very good to live and to breathe. Oh! Passing thought, to you, I need to say, I am grateful for you all and for your love of my art and language. Family, it’s time for me to go. Good day. Until we meet again. I love you all.


Kardak Art

Since I am in the process of building this site, things may appear bits at a time, but in the interest of trying to post regularly, here is a little sketch featuring one of my conworld flora and Kardak Le’hado script. If you want a print of this, I have 8 1/2 x 11s in my store at Storenvy Makes for an interesting conversation piece.

fauna1Here is another sample sketch for you viewing pleasure.


Enjoy, subscribe, and send all your friends. -Mike

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